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Daniel Taylor CV 

2013 B.F.A Interdisciplinary Arts N.S.C.A.D (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), Halifax, Canada 


2022 Solo presentation at Art Athena with Larder Gallery, Athens, Greece

2022 “Melon Ball”, Larder Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2021 “First Swing of the Bat”, Gallery 46, London, UK 

2019 "A High Hang", Arbyte Studios, London, UK 

2019 "Turned Into What!?", 650mAh, Hove, UK
2019 "Silk Hat Man", AIRY Yamanashi, Kofu, Japan 

2019 "Going To The Picutres", SET, London, UK 

2019 "Fresh Air/ Hot Sauce", Arbyte Studios, London, UK 

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